Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Turtle?

Here he is enjoying my Helianthemum (Rock Rose) which has flowered magnificently this year.

Saw this on pinterest - and followed it to this tutorial.
Thought it would make a good pincushion.
And not too tricky for someone like me who specializes in glue guns, staple guns and sticky tape to hold things together.
Admittedly, I initially sewed his legs on the inside of his guts (kinda like undescended testicles) rather than on the outside where they belong, but that's really not that unusual for my sewing endeavours.
Do you have to write on your sewing machine too - so you can remember what all the dials do?  Shuddup Mum.

Have I mentioned my sister WHO HAS EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!!?
She has given me strict instructions not to give her "ANY MORE STUFF" coz her house can't take it any longer!
(shame she doesn't follow her own orders) - it's oozing craptasmia from its window and door frames and even between the VJs - there's no more room for her children!
The problem is we both ADORE thrifty treasures (she has a particular penchant for collecting clapped out old chairs), and we are constantly spying stuff we know the other would love.
Fortunately, it's a very cheap hobby and we've brought home some wonderful termite-ridden pieces over the years.
But slowly we are coming to the realization that we are gradually morphing into hoarders - very tidy hoarders - we have storage sheds! - but hoarders none the less!
Between us we would have to own another 4 or 5 houses to squeeze all that thrifty magic into.
We'd give our precious treasures away - but sadly no one wants them!
So, while the turtle DOES actually qualify as "more stuff",
it doesn't truly count, coz I made it with my own little mitts.
Happy Birthday Leigh - it won't take up THAT much space.

Look!  He's waving!
(oh yeah!  and just to illustrate my point about thrifty treasures - there's our bbq table in the background -  I dragged it home from the local tip!)

Photos: Home, Ararat - October, 2011


Becca said...

When I was little, my 4 siblings and I had turtles in a little plastic shallow container complete with water, fake islands and plastic trees. We called them Zip and Nip after the cartoon characters in the Weekly Readers (kiddies mags) we read from school.

We went through so many Zips & Nips as they often ended up belly-up on those islands!

Love your stuffed one. I have a multi-coloured patchwork hippo kinda like that. Named Veronica after the well-loved children's story (I collect hippos of all shapes & sizes....and I'm a psychologist and don't have a fat complex, really, LOL).

beachvintage.com said...

Dont you just love the local tip. I am always there looking for treasure!

Badger said...

feel free to come and browse through my basement any time. Sure its a long way to come but there is some stuff there you would just love. Do you like old towels?

Carlene said...

You never fail to crack me up.

freefalling said...

Becca - oh no! Poor little Zips and Nips. We don't see many real live turtles around these parts. Although, I did find one last summer:

There is something enormously satisfying about stuffing poly fill into fabric casings (yeah...not quite sure what that says about me!)

freefalling said...

BV - LOVE the rubbish tip.
One year we brought home 2 kittens dumped there on Boxing Day.

freefalling said...

Badger - yes, I remember you talking about your skanky old towels.
But you know, it's not that hard to have an emotional connection to a towel (did I just say that?).
My Nan died 11 years ago and (amongst other things) her bath towels migrated to my parent's house in Qld. As they become old and raggedy - they became dog towels.
Then when we visited, some of them made a bed in the back of the car for our dogs on our long drive back home.
Now they live in Ararat and we use them frequently after visits to the beach and park. And every time I see a particular gold 1970s yellow bath mat, I think of my Nan.
See? So you're not that crazy.

freefalling said...

Oh Carlene!
I miss you!
Where have you been?
I keep checking knitsquirrel but you are MIA!

Joan Elizabeth said...

My parents were thrifty hoarders ... the perfect antidote to being one myself ... but in truth I have lots more stuff than they ever had, my house is bigger.

Your little dogs always make your house a lively place.

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful your turtle!
I always love seeing one of your dogs around... so cute!

michelle said...

Undescended testicles! Love it, and was very glad I didn't have a mouthful of coffee as I read that bit. He is extremely cute!

Faux Fuchsia said...

I just want to tell you that I LOVE your garden and want to steal it for myself. The latest photo is perfection.

freefalling said...

JE - yes, I love having extra little heartbeats around the house.

freefalling said...

Sonia - Buster is always in my photos - he follows me everywhere - my little shadow.

freefalling said...

Michelle - I hate it when that happens!
I used to watch The Office (UK) in bed with my hot milo.
More than once I tried unsuccessfully to stifle a milo laugh.

freefalling said...

FF - thank you for saying!!
I'm lucky I don't have any of those Old Testament varmints round these parts.
That is until the cabbage moths descend.

Ashley said...

Awwww, I love how the turtle turned out! Adorable! Glad the pattern worked out for you. Thanks for sharing! (And I love how you wrote on your sewing machine.....I should start doing that!!!)


freefalling said...

Thanks Ashley for stopping by for a squiz - and THANKS for the pattern!!